Enrollment at Cornerstone

Enrollment procedures for Cornerstone Montessori School are as follows:

Families interested in enrollment at Cornerstone Montessori School are encouraged to call the school office to obtain an information packet. After review of the enrollment packet, families are invited to call the school office to set up an appointment to visit our school and observe in our classrooms. We recommend that this first observation be made without children, so you might have the opportunity to discover what Montessori education is truly about. Observations times vary, but are typically scheduled during the months of October, November, December and January dependent on the length of the enrollment waitlist for the upcoming School Year. Observations are approximately one hour to one hour and thirty minutes in length.

At the time of your visit, we will provide you with an observation packet. After your observation, you are welcome to complete the enrollment application card if you opt to enroll your child at that time or take the enrollment application with you and return it at a later date. In order to secure your child a place on our enrollment wait list, a non-refundable application fee of $175 must accompany the enrollment card. Cornerstone's enrollment procedures are on a first-come, first-served basis according to Program availability, age of child, and date enrollment application was received. Typically, a child will not be placed on the enrollment wait list until after the parent/guardian has completed a classroom observation. Siblings of current or former Cornerstone students are given priority consideration, however, an enrollment application card must be completed in order for the sibling to be placed on the enrollment wait list.

Upon receipt of the enrollment application, the application is processed, the child's name is placed on the wait list, and the family will be notified of a projected start time for the child. Families are invited to check the Cornerstone Montessori School website for updated information regarding our School and all of our events and activities and are welcomed to attend any of the social activities the School has planned. This will help the child become familiar with his/her new environment.

We will contact the family at least one month prior to the child's start date to schedule time for him/her to visit the classroom and become acquainted with his/her 'new' surroundings. We typically designate the first week of the child's attendance as a time to gradually introduce the child to his/her classroom environment.  A New Family Orientation conducted by one of our Administrative staff members (e.g., Director) will be scheduled prior to the child's start date to discuss Cornerstone's policies and procedures and to address any questions/concerns.