Enrollment at Cornerstone


Interested in learning more about

Cornerstone Montessori School?


Here’s how:


1. Email us at enrollment@cornerstonemontessori.school or call our School Office at 303-277-0245 to speak to our Enrollment Coordinator, Christine (Chris) Klimko.



2. Request an Information Email to learn more about the programs that we offer and their accompanying monthly tuitions as well as some fundamentals about Montessori education.    



3. RSVP via the link provided in your Information Email for our next Prospective Family Information Session for an introduction to Cornerstone Montessori School. This one-hour session begins with a presentation on the various aspect of the Montessori Educational Philosophy and concludes with helpful resources for implementing the Montessori Philosophy at home. This is a virtual event for adults only and is a required step in the enrollment process. 



4. After attending an Information Session, you will be invited to request to schedule a weekend tour of our physical campus. You will visit our Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten Classrooms, and finalize your decision to join Cornerstone Montessori School for your child's early childhood education experience. At the end of this tour, you will be invited to submit an application to join our Waitlist for Enrollment (based on availability). 



Our Enrollment Staff maintains contact with our Waitlisted Families Quarterly (January, April, August, and November). It is during these check-ins that we reaffirm your family’s interest in Cornerstone and thereby allows us to uphold the utmost integrity and precision in our Waitlist.


Most importantly, stay active and informed.


Families are invited to check the Cornerstone Montessori School website for updates, including events hosted by our Parent Guild. We welcome all interested and waitlisted families to attend any and all social activities offered at Cornerstone. This will allow prospective students to become familiar with their new environment and ensure your family’s transition into the Cornerstone Community is a smooth and pleasant experience.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!